omfg my mom dropped her iphone in the toilet so she fished it out and desperately yelled ‘SIRI I DROPPED YOU IN THE TOILET WHAT DO I DO’ and siri replied ‘Tara, you have 28 events in July. That’s a lot.’ and then died

#more dramatic than romeo and juliet

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djeniiscorner asked:

They gonna show more of the trailer later today! Some of the suff is not propper for tv this early!

Niall's Real Princess Answer:

Nobody told me that before! i was sad because they didn’t show something hotter, thank you :)

Oh my god! I mean oh my god. It was really unexpected, they used the interview for the trailer. When they where in the elevator i was waiting to hum to say “Fuck the paperwork”  but he didn’t! Ugh. I’m still dealing with the fact that they didn’t show Jamie and Dakota “having sex”. OMFG when they show Christian in the play room that was a totally turn on!!

fsog fifty shades of grey jamie dornan dakota johnson trailer

 All these years waiting for the trailer would be worth, ugh i can’t keep waiting.

Right know 


One hour before


When they say “when we come back, Fifty Shades of Grey trailer premiere”


When the trailer its about to start


When Jamie gets naked


If Dakota says “Mr.Grey” or “Christian”


When they have sex


If Jamie says “Laters, Baby”


When its over


fsog trailer fifty shades of grey jamie dornan dakota johnson fan problems